Spreetail Design

Designing creative for E-commerce marketing

In Summer 2019, I spent 3 months in Austin, TX interning at Spreetail as a Graphic Design Intern. I worked on their design team within the marketing department.

It was my first time working directly under an art director and mentor. I picked up a lot of new skills and learned about working within a team environment. Here are two major projects that I had the opportunity to own during my time at Spreetail.

Email Banners

Designing for Summer

Spreetail sends promotional emails to subscribers with special deals for particular products. Each email features a hero banner targeting a specific product or product category that is given to the design team from the marketing strategy team.

Role: Graphic Design
Duration: 2 weeks

VM Express Illustrations

Visualising E-commerce

VM Express is a marketplace fulfillment business that is operated by Spreetail. The design team at Spreetail had recently rebranded VM Express, and my role was to create an illustration library that would be used to create a cohesive visual identity across printed materials and web assets.

Role: Illustration
Duration: 2 weeks

Fall Campaign

Conceptualizing Spreetail in Fall

Role: Visual Development
Duration: 3 weeks

Spreetail is an e-commerce company that specializes in backyard, garage, and home products. Our marketing strategy focuses on seasonal campaigns.

For the upcoming fall campaign, I conceptualized a campaign that played with the idea of "Fall", and imagined how the visual identity would be executed across emails, web banners, and search engine ads.