NPR Creative

My favorite projects as an NPR Intern.

During the Spring of 2019, I had the opportunity to spend 4 months in Washington DC interning at NPR HQ. I worked with NPR's Creative Team as a part of the marketing, branding, and communications department.

I've had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing individuals on all different types of projects. Here are some select projects that I especially enjoyed working on.

NPR Infographic

NPR by the Numbers

Working with a team of fellow interns, we conceptualized and created an infographic detailing various statistics about NPR as an organiztion.

View the final infographic and article on here.

Role: Graphic Design
Duration: 1 week

Process Illustrations

Visualising our process

At NPR, we worked in a fast paced environment, often time handling requests with speed while sacrificing quality. Working with our project manager, I created illustrations that would be used in a presenation to communicate the new Creative Team workflow to internal clients.

Role: Illustration
Duration: 1 week

NPR Wall Murals

Designing a wall mural for the new NPR offices around the nation.

Role: Graphic Design
Duration: 5 weeks

I designed wall murals to be put up in NPR offices in Chicago and Culver City. Shown below are some early ideas and concepts that I worked on.

Project Impact

Concept Development for NPR's 50th Anniversary

Role: Visual Development
Duration: 4 months

Working with Lakecia Hammond and Wanyu Zhang, we conceptualized ideas for the NPR 50th Anniversary to pitch to various internal stakeholders.

My primary role in this project was to visually communicate our concepts through illustration, mockups, and prototypes.

Impact Illustrations

Illustrating possibilities

In our initial presentations, we utilized illustration as "sketches" to focus feedback on the concepts themselves rather than possible executions. We wanted to communicate the emotional impact that these campaigns could have on our various audiences.

Physical Mockups

Communicating expectations

We moved on to physical mockups to communicate to stakeholders the various ways our concepts could live in execution. Providing these early on allowed us to more clearly understand which campaigns our stakeholders were enthusiastic about.

NPR50 Microsite

A web mockup

The web provides an opportunity to share unique content with a large audience. I put together a quick prototype of how the NPR50th anniversary could live digitally.